Kip Phillips, formerly of the epic SUN RECORDS(1968) has never really engaged in the new techno-music, so when he opened DESERT ROCK STUDIOS, the sound recording equipment is truly vintage. Starting with the best microphones in the world, to the vintage TRIDENT LONDON”BEATLE” BOARD, the massive reel to reel tape machine., the sound is the real thing.

As Kip states, “the highs are high, and the lows are low, where we fit in, nobody knows.”
Well, so far, DESERT ROCK hasn,t had to try very hard. Although there are a lot of fancy tech studios in the big cities, he word about the vintage sound of the studio in Carefree zoomed forth across the musical paths from coast to coast.
National successful rock bands, like YES, ASIA, UMPHREE MAGEE, GOVERNER SWITCH, and the SIDEWALK SAINTS have already made stops in Carefree. Plus other luminaries, such as George Benson, and John D’Addario have checked out the new studio.


“ODD”, says Kip, “that with all the resources available to these acts, they still want the sound and atmosphere of the DESERT ROCK.” “ I suppose we have stumbled into something, doing things the old fashion way” “and” he adds,”we also have all the new systems if people want the modern sound.” There is no debate about it, the sound of twenty years ago is mellower, deeper, and fatter than the thin electro music of today. There is just some special personality in this older equipment. It just sounds better.”


Desert Rock Studios located in Carefree Arizona. We offer audio recording with true vintage warm sound! Use our vintage Ludwig drumsets, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer 200, Hohner Clavinet, Hammond organ, Vintage Neumann microphones, Fender Amps all through a Trident mixing board to a 24 track Studer then transfer to Protools so you can edit and mix in our Studio B or your own home. Desert Rock Studios has has much more give us a call to set up an appointment at 480. 239.6446. They call us the“Abbey Road of Arizona”.

Technology has captured the soul of recorded music. Most of the music on the radio today is not created by musicians playing their instruments, but by those talented in digital technology. People are surprised to hear “yes, it’s a good sound, but there are no actual musicians playing.” Indeed, even the singers voice is processed to eliminate sour notes or rough sounds. What the listener enjoys, is, more or less, electricity, not music.

Desert Rock Studios also offers a top flight back up musicians group that can put down a world class music track for singers/songwriters.
Come to the Desert, you’ll like what you hear.